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Please note:

Some High Risk Conditions are contraindicated in Massage. To ensure the safety and health of yourself (pregnant or non-pregnant) and your baby, please check in with your primary care provider BEFORE receiving massage/bodywork to OBTAIN A MEDICAL RELEASE.

Thank you

Travel to & In House Services

All services are available as travel to for pregnant/postpartum families*, (Mon/Tues 10-2pm) by special appointment only, if needed/desired. Therapeutic Massage for non-pregnant/postpartum women/men are available in house only. All in house services are available (F-Sun) @ Alaska Family Health & Birth Center, 2054 30th Avenue, Fairbanks.

*Travel To Services: If you have pets, please make sure that they are kenneled during the massage or that you have an area to receive massage away from your pets. If you live in a smoking home, unfortunately, I will not be able to travel to your home. Pets & smoke can cause permanent damage to my expensive equipment. If these are obstacles for you, I am happy to schedule massage appointments for you during my in house weekend hours @ the Birth Center. Thank you for understanding.



Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes: $100

Treat chronic muscle pain, tension patterns & headaches. Regain movement & flexibility. Deep relaxation & restoration. This is for clients who are not pregnant/postpartum. This service is in house only @ Alaska Family Health & Birth Center.


Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

60 minutes: $100

Pre/Postnatal massage is nurturing bodywork that has special considerations for the emotional and physiological changes experienced during pregnancy. It enhances every system in your body to function optimally. Pre/Postnatal massage helps regulate hormones, reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It improves muscle,nerve and joint pain, reduces swelling/edema and improves sleep. During the postpartum period it helps the new mother to integrate the challenges of having a newborn and recover from labor. Pre/Postnatal massage is intended to be deeply relaxing for and your baby.

Postpartum Planning

3 hours: $30

It is essential to plan for the time after the baby is born. Being prepared will help your transition, whether a 1st or 4th time parent, flow more smoothly and with less stress. Plans can include creating a list of your support circle, organizing the space in your home efficiently, preparing/freezing meals, organizing meal delivery from friends/family (, managing visitors, delegating tasks(chores, grocery shopping,pet care), self care/restoration, partner self care, child care, etc. Additional plans can include a Babymoon which is a nurturing time that is just for parents/baby/siblings to have uninterrupted bonding time. Snuggled in, supported and secluded from the outside world for a weekend to 2 weeks. Your postpartum planning will be unique to what your needs/desires are.

Mother Blessing/Blessingway

~Duration varies 1-3 hours

~$100 Facilitator Fee

~Additional costs will vary according to your individual Blessingway

The authors' of Mother Rising best describe what a Blessingway or Mother Blessing is...

"Blessingway ceremonies create a sacred and safe environment where a mother-to-be can explore the challenges and joys that lie before her as she approaches birthing and mothering. Surrounded by the most important women in her life, she gains a sense of power, confidence, and support that will help her rise to motherhood.

Birth is a key life passage for women. But modern culture has become preoccupied with the arrival of the baby-to-be and has lost touch with birth’s profound impact on the expectant mother. While our most common birth preparations focus on getting women physically ready to give birth, the blessingway ceremony helps a woman to prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the work of birthing, and it opens her to her instinctive abilities, which will guide her as she steps into the role of mother.

By creating blessingway rituals for each other, we can reach outside of ourselves and weave a web of community: a living breathing web of women who are blessing, teaching, and supporting one another — and as a result, helping give birth to each other’s children.'' Yana Cortlund, Barb Lucke & Donna Miller Watelet

This celebration is catered to your personal needs/wants/values/beliefs. This celebration ties in well with the Sealing in Ceremony, which celebrates the finality of your childbearing year. (See below)


Infant Massage

2 hours: $85

Gentle & effective techniques suitable for babies & toddlers. This is an instructional one on one session, or a private individual session.

  • Provides an  intentional time focused on loving touch
  • Enhances baby's circulatory, nervous & respiratory systems
  • Supports healthy brain & immune system functions
  • Relives colic, aids in food absorption & digestion
  • Helps to encourage and support sleep patterns

Ayurvedic Postpartum Care


*Coming Soon*

Ayurveda is the traditional system of medicine of India & seeks to treat & integrate body, mind & spirit using a comprehensive holistic approach especially by emphasizing diet, herbal remedies, exercise, meditation, breathing and massage. This specific postpartum care focuses on mother’s & their newborns.






  • Natural ways to feel less overwhelmed, sleep better, and stabilize moods and hormones

  • Choosing simple remedies & teas to promote lactation, & prevent colic, constipation, gas & bloating

  • Valuable daily Ayurvedic practices for the 6 weeks following birth

  • The special dietary needs of a mother after giving birth

  • Guiding family and friends to provide the most appropriate support to the new mom and baby

Sacred Postpartum

~Bengkung Belly Binding~ 2-3 hours, unlimited support $100

Bengkung Belly Binding is a traditional Malaysian practice of wrapping the abdomen after birth for approximately 40 days(6 weeks postpartum), 6-12 hours a day. Provides a multitude of supportive benefits to the spine, muscles, organs, uterus & pelvic floor helping them return to pre-pregnant states. Aides in recovery with Diastasis Recti & C-section healing(internal). C-section incision must be fully healed before binding(4-6 wks). These sessions are instructional and include a Belly Bind to keep and unlimited support to help you become a belly binding pro.

~Postpartum Belly Recovery~ 2-3 hours, unlimited support $145

This includes a Belly Bind with instruction, Belly Firming Paste(coconut oil with warming spices), basic instruction for self uterine massage and unlimited support to be come a binding pro. Belly Binding provides the postpartum body with 360* support to assist the abdominal wall muscle retraction, improve posture, stabilize loosened ligaments, and provide support to the torso while vital organs returned to their pre-pregnancy size and position. The Belly Firming Paste helps to increase circulation, warmth & detoxification. Basic Uterine massage helps encourage blood flow to the reproductive system, therefore aiding in healing, restoration and detoxification.

~Sealing in Ceremony~  duration varies from 1-3 hours

~$100 Facilitator Fee

~Additional costs vary per your individual celebration.

The Sealing in Ceremony can be described with four words; honoring, warming, sealing and binding.

"Honoring: the rite of passage from maiden to mother MUST be MARKED and honored and valued. Women must feel valued for their accomplishments. They need a ceremony to mark this transition.

Warming: its important for women immediately postpartum to be warmed. The act of birthing a baby is a cooling for the body and requires heating to restore balance. 

Sealing : the entire pregnancy and birthing process is about “opening”, spiritually, mentally and physically, but once the baby is born, the body requires “sealing” or closing that which has been opened and is raw and vulnerable. This is critical for proper holistic postpartum healing.

Binding: belly binding is a process to which a woman’s belly is bound tightly right after giving birth. This act should be done ceremoniously and with pure intention to honor the woman. This tradition of sacred belly binding serves many functions, but fore-mostly aids in warming + closing the body post-birth." Sacred Postpartum

This is to honor all you have accomplished during this transition of your childbearing year & to mark it as a valuable &  sacred rite of passage. This begins with a Ceremonial Bath(with or without swimsuit); which is a  beautiful, fragrant soak performed at the end of the lochia flow, typically the 6th week postpartum. Next is a Bengkung Belly Bind. Followed by  a Mother Tuck; which is a simple yet profound custom of warming & wrapping the mother with special scarves & blessings that will reassure her heart & encourage her motherly intuitions. The ceremony is concluded with a hot nourishing tea & a simple warming meal.

Sealing In Ceremonies can be performed one on one, in a small gathering of close friends or in the setting of a larger group of friends, similar to a Blessing Way or a Mother Blessing, but specifically a postpartum celebration. These celebrations tend to be female centered, but are not exclusive to males. These ceremonies are personal and customizable to you. Cost of the Belly Bind is not included in this package.


Cesarean Scar Massage Technique

45 minutes: $45

Learning to care for your body post Cesarean involves more than basic wound care. This is a major abdominal surgery that has special considerations & holds a different time frame for healing than a vaginal birth. Massage is an essential component to the emotional & physical healing after Cesarean. Learning to massage your Cesarean scar will help you to reconnect to this vital area of your body. This is a specific massage technique to help break-up and decrease the scar tissue associated with c-section incision. Massaging this area will increase the circulation, which naturally increases healing. Using vitamin E oil and applied within your comfort level of pressure, this is also an instructional session.


Massage Packages

Massage packages are available and give you a discount if you pay in full.

6, 1 hour massages $540

4, 1 hour massages $360

Restorative Postpartum Packages

~Restorative Postpartum Mini Package~ This package includes 4 weeks of massage (1 per week), 1 Bengkung Belly Binding Session (belly bind to keep) & Postpartum Nutritional Blend(1 pt loose leaf tea). $510

~Restorative Postpartum Package~ This package is the full postpartum treat! It consists of 6 weeks of Restorative Massage (1 per week), 1 Bengkung Belly Bind session with Belly Firming Paste (both hands on instructional/includes a belly bind & firming paste to keep) & Postpartum Nutritional Tea( 1 pt loose leaf). $695

eGift Cards

varies minutes: varies

Giving the gift of restorative massage & or nurturing postpartum care is very thoughtful & now it’s super easy.

Just copy and paste the link below into your address bar and follow the instructions :)


~Bengkung Belly Binding Workshop~ 2 hours $100

Come learn to Belly Bind in a fun, supportive class setting. You will learn the benefits of binding and how to belly bind by practicing on someone and having someone practice on you. This is an excellent way to really understand binding and a  wonderful opportunity to meet new faces and make community connections. Cost includes a bind of your choice to keep (subject to stock on hand). If you prefer to purchase your own bind, please try to plan for 1-2 weeks shipping time. Belly Binds are available on Etsy. I love (Carolyn Reese). If you purchase your own bind, the cost for this service is $65. This belly binding workshop is held about once a month @ Alaska Family Health & Birth Center. Call for workshop dates/times.


Book a private Bellybinding Workshop for yourself & your friends. You will need at least 3 individual paying participants to get the class cost of $100 each. Please limit the workshop size to 6 participants. Call for more details.

~ Infant Massage Class~ 2 hours $85

Come learn to massage your baby in a fun, supportive class setting. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new faces and make community connections. Classes will be held about once a month @ Alaska Family Health & Birth Center. Call for class dates/times.


Book a private Infant Massage Class for yourself & your friends. You will need at least 3 individual paying participants to get the class cost of $85 each. Each paying participant can have their significant other or an immediate family member join them at no extra cost. Please limit the class size to 5 paying participants and their plus one. Call for more details.

You will learn:

  • benefits of infant massage 
  • the importance of therapeutic touch
  • how your baby communicates without words
  • basic massage sequence
  • specific massage for colic, digestive issues and teething