Services & Rates

Insurance Billing

HHM is in network & a Preferred Provider with BlueCross BlueShield & AETNA. Contact me to navigate your plan details concerning massage.

Discounted Rates

To better serve our whole community I offer discounted rates for massage & some of my other services for those in need who financially qualify. Specific limitations & exclusions apply. Please contact me for further details.



Please note:

Some High Risk Conditions are contraindicated in Massage. To ensure the safety and health of yourself (pregnant, postpartum or non-pregnant) and your baby, please check in with your primary care provider BEFORE receiving massage/bodywork to OBTAIN A MEDICAL RELEASE.

Thank you

Travel to & In House Services

All travel to services are only available for pregnant/postpartum families*, (Mon/Tues 10-2pm) by special appointment only, if needed/desired. Therapeutic Massage for non-pregnant/postpartum women/men are available in house only. All in house services are available (F/Sat) at Alaska Family Health & Birth Center, 2054 30th Avenue, Fairbanks.

*Travel To Services: If you have pets, please make sure that they are kenneled during the massage or that you have an area to receive massage away from your pets. If you live in a smoking home, unfortunately, I will not be able to travel to your home. Pets & smoke can cause permanent damage to my expensive equipment. If these are obstacles for you, I am happy to schedule massage appointments for you during my in house weekend hours at the Birth Center. Thank you for understanding.



Neuromuscular Therapy

60 & 90 minutes: $100 & $145

Neuromuscular Re-Education, Body Insight Therapy is a deep tissue method that works within your comfort level of pain & in cooperation with your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is extremely helpful for those that want lasting relief administered within their individual pain tolerance, no bruising & minimal soreness afterwards. It effectively treats chronic muscle pain, tension patterns & headaches, aiding in regaining movement & flexibility. 


Prenatal Massage

60 & 90 minutes: $100 & $145

Prenatal massage is nurturing bodywork that has special considerations for the emotional and physiological changes experienced during pregnancy. It enhances every system in the body to function optimally. Prenatal massage helps regulate hormones, reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It improves muscle, nerve and joint pain, reduces swelling/edema and improves sleep. Prenatal massage is intended to be deeply relaxing for you and your baby. Neuromuscular Therapy is incorporated into sessions as needed to relieve muscle & joint pain commonly experienced during pregnancy. 


Postpartum Massage

60 & 90 minutes: $100 & $145

Postpartum Massage is deeply restorative bodywork that helps the new mother to integrate the challenges of having a newborn and recover from labor & birth. Postpartum massage is catered to your needs, specific to your aches & pains, based upon your labor & birthing circumstances, lochia flow, if you are breastfeeding & your emotional state. This nurturing bodywork can also include Neuromuscular Therapy as needed for specific muscle & joint pain commonly experienced as the body returns to pre-pregnant states. 


Infant Massage

2 hours: $85

Gentle & effective techniques suitable for babies & toddlers. This is an instructional one on one session, or a private individual session.

  • Provides an  intentional time focused on loving touch
  • Enhances baby's circulatory, nervous & respiratory systems
  • Supports healthy brain & immune system functions
  • Relives colic, aids in food absorption & digestion
  • Helps to encourage and support sleep patterns


Cesarean Scar Massage Technique

60 minutes: $50

Learning to care for your body post Cesarean involves more than basic wound care. This is a major abdominal surgery that has special considerations & holds a different time frame for healing than a vaginal birth. Massage is an essential component to the emotional & physical healing after Cesarean. Learning to massage your Cesarean scar will help you to reconnect to this vital area of your body. This is a specific massage technique to help break-up and decrease the scar tissue associated with c-section incision. Massaging this area will increase the circulation, which naturally increases healing. Using vitamin E oil and applied within your comfort level of pressure, I offer this service to those that would like further instruction. In my helpful videos section, there is a how to massage your c-section scar instructional video.


Honoring Your Childbearing Year

To better serve you & to help make postpartum care more accessible, HHM can bill insurance for the massage portion of these services! Please contact me for more details.


Nurturing  Care Package

90 minutes per session/ 3 days $275

This package consists of three days of

Warmed Oil Massage(1 hour)

Nourishing Meal/Drink- Made from a whole organic chicken, herbs, spices & root vegetables, you receive 1 big pot of stew/soup, any leftover chicken & 3-4 quarts of chicken bone broth. Drinknourishing herbal teas full of trace minerals & vitamins specific to Postpartum healing

Rebozo shifting & or Belly Binding. Cost of the bind is not included.

Please visit The Barefoot Momma for beautiful, handcrafted & affordable binds. 

Sealing In Ceremony 

2-3 hours $150

This is to honor all you have accomplished during this transition of your childbearing year & to acknowledge & mark it as a valuable, sacred rite of passage. Typically performed at the end of the lochia flow(3-6 weeks postpartum).

This consists of a Ceremonial bath, Warmed Oil Massage, Rebozo Sifting & or Belly Binding, a Mother Tuck & a Nourishing Meal/ Drink. Cost of the bind is not included.

Ceremonial Bath; a fragrant, beautiful soak. A time of contemplation, considering all that you have accomplished during your pregnancy, labor, birth & now your postpartum transition. Water is a healing agent in many ways & represents change, the passage of time and new beginnings. Beauty gives and renews our hope. The beauty of the bath, from the flowers to the scents remind you to appreciate beauty and to take time to soak it up as you ponder all of the changes in your recent transformation. 

Warmed Oil Massage; Nurturing massage performed with warmed oil aides the body by raising the body temperature, increasing the circulation & encouraging physical healing.

Rebozo Wrapping/Sifting or Belly Binding; Sifting the hips/pelvis with a Rebozo or Large Scarf to help them come back into their pre-pregnant place & can help to relieve pelvic pain or discomfort. Belly binding provides stability and support to the muscles of the core during this process as well as the organs & spine. 

Mother Tuck; a simple yet profound custom of warming the new mother & wrapping her in special scarves to literally & metaphorically “close” her body, while speaking blessings over her that will reassure her heart & encourage her motherly intuitions.

Nourishing Meal; nutrient dense, warming, easily digested food. A simple soup/stew with a bone broth/coconut milk base. Drinknourishing herbal teas full of trace minerals & vitamins specific to Postpartum healing.






Sacred Postpartum Package $400

Combine the Nurturing Care Package & The Sealing In Ceremony.

Massage Packages

Save 10% when you purchase a package 

Massage Package I

4, 60 minute massages $360

Massage Package II

3, 90 minute massages $390


eGift Cards

Giving the gift of restorative massage & or nurturing postpartum care is very thoughtful & now it’s super easy.