Honoring The Childbearing Year & Beyond

Pregnancy & Postpartum As a Rite of Passage

Pregnancy marks the beginning of a woman’s transition into motherhood. It is a unique & powerful experience. At no other time in our lives are we so very connected to our children & to our body’s miraculous ability to grow & sustain another human life.

Labor & Birth mark the threshold of the doorway into Motherhood. It will take us to our very edge to call forth the deep strength needed to accomplish the task at hand & to learn to mother in the days ahead. It literally opens us up, breaking away the old self, the one before a baby, because it is necessary to move forward into the new that is Motherhood. Through blood, sweat, pain, tears & joy we cross over.

The Postpartum Period or “the 4th Trimester,” marks the tangible first steps as a Mother in the physical world. This is an incredibly profound time of transition. We establish a new new as we learn to care for our baby or if this is a subsequent birth, add another child to the mix of our everyday responsibilities, while we adjust & re-figure how we will care for ourselves and those around us.
Sadly this enormous life shift generally goes unacknowledged, uncelebrated & unsupported & as such we ignore the sacredness of Postpartum & it’s transformative power. If instead, we acknowledge all that the woman has accomplished during her childbearing year as sacred and valuable, then we, as her loving and supportive community can recognize and truly honor her journey through celebration and ceremony just as we did during pregnancy.