Honoring The Childbearing Year & Beyond

Pregnancy & Postpartum As a Rite of Passage

Pregnancy marks the beginning of a woman’s transition into motherhood. It is a unique & powerful experience. At no other time in our lives are we so very connected to our children & to our body’s miraculous ability to grow & sustain another human life.

Labor & Birth mark the threshold of the doorway into Motherhood. It will us to our very edge to call forth the deep strength needed to accomplish the task at hand & to learn to mother in the days ahead. It literally opens us up, breaking away the old self, the one before a baby, because it is necessary to move forward into the new that is Motherhood. Through blood, sweat, pain, tears & joy we cross over.
The Postpartum Period or “the 4th Trimester,” marks the tangible first steps as a Mother in the physical world. This is an incredibly profound time of transition. We establish a new new as we learn to care for our baby or if this is a subsequent birth, add another child to the mix of our everyday responsibilities, while we adjust & re-figure how we will care for ourselves and those around us.
Sadly this enormous life shift generally goes unacknowledged, uncelebrated & unsupported & as such we ignore the sacredness of Postpartum & it’s transformative power. If instead, we acknowledge all that the woman has accomplished during her childbearing year as sacred and valuable, as well as provide practical physical & emotional support as her loving community, then we can recognize and truly honor her journey through celebration and ceremony just as we did during pregnancy.