Happy Hearts

Heather provided amazing physical relief and emotional support for me throughout my second pregnancy. She is incredibly talented at combining her massage techniques with supportive conversation and encouragement as well as resources to take home and use. I felt better physically and emotionally every time I had a session with her. She puts an amazing amount of effort into every one of her clients and I highly recommend her as THE massage therapist to go to during pregnancy/postpartum. ~Cecilia Riemer Ebsen


Heather was amazing. She worked on my trouble areas, and spent quality time with me. I cant wait to get more massages throughout my pregnancy with her!!!!! ~Apryl Hoover


Heather helped me and my body deal with the after pains from my fourth child. She came to me and she also billed my insurance which allowed me to stay home and be close to my newborn. Enjoy talking and learning from Heather and all the different services that she offers. ~ Teri Benson


Heather's Infant Massage course was great! She really took her time to make sure we got techniques right. I took the class because I was interested,  but wasn't sure how often I'd actually do infant massage.  However,  the way she taught the course was very customizable; it was so easy to create a routine that my baby and I actually enjoy DAILY now! I highly recommend this class for any mama with a new baby. She provides a bunch of materials to take home and follow up support as well. ~Christi Kemper


Massage with Heather after having my baby was wonderful. Her massage work was helpful physically, in helping to release built up tension and to relieve sore muscles (all that baby lifting and holding!). I expected this. What I did not expect--and what was just as if not more helpful-- were the informal supportive chats we had about birth and mothering and her knowledge of postpartum resources and care. Also, with all my time and energy going into learning motherhood during this time, simply having the massage scheduled forced me to take a pause and appreciate some self-care, which I desperately needed and would not have done had I not made appointments to do so. Best Part Ever--she comes to your house!!!!! Happy Heart massage has been a blessing. ~Amanda Culp


As my 2nd son Elliott exits his 4th trimester and I conclude my belly binding for now, I wanted to take the time to thank Heather for being a part of this process! Although with the rush of life with a now (yesterday birthday!) 4 year old beginning school and juggling all these changes, part of me is like phew, 1 less thing to do, the other part will miss this quick time in the morning to reflect on what a huge thing we've just done and slow down and stop expecting so much of yourself every day, right away!! I highly recommend everyone do this after a baby. Look into it before hand. Heather is great! It definitely helped my diastasis recti heal after a big baby and emotionally, like I say, was a good thing for me, to remember giving birth and recovering and adjusting is a huge thing. Just because your husband and family visiting can only do 2 weeks or whatever, doesn't mean, boom you had your baby, back to normal. So, thank you again Heather! The beautiful fireweed wrap underneath baby was our wrap, very easy to do all your normal stuff with. ~Kristina Merritt Thurston


Heather’s experience, knowledge and passion for postpartum care makes her so valuable to this community. I felt valued and even pampered using her postpartum services. ~Kalee Meurlott


Heather is one of the best massage therapists I have ever seen. Her care for pregnancy and postpartum mothers and babies is amazing. I recommend every momma to be and new moms contact her for her special caring touch! ~Dawn Tozier


I love Heather's therapeutic massages. I would recommend her to anybody who experiences chronic pain; she is a natural healer who listens to your needs. I cannot wait for another massage. ~Flor Banks