Massage with Heather after having my baby was wonderful. Her massage work was helpful physically, in helping to release built up tension and to relieve sore muscles (all that baby lifting and holding!). I expected this. What I did not expect--and what was just as if not more helpful-- were the informal supportive chats we had about birth and mothering and her knowledge of postpartum resources and care. Also, with all my time and energy going into learning motherhood during this time, simply having the massage scheduled forced me to take a pause and appreciate some self-care, which I desperately needed and would not have done had I not made appointments to do so. Best Part Ever--she comes to your house!!!!! Happy Heart massage has been a blessing. ~Amanda Culp


Heather’s experience, knowledge and passion for postpartum care makes her so valuable to this community. I felt valued and even pampered using her postpartum services. ~Kalee Meurlott


I love Heather's therapeutic massages. I would recommend her to anybody who experiences chronic pain; she is a natural healer who listens to your needs. I cannot wait for another massage. ~Flor Banks